Encrypting credentials



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    Hi Matthias,

    Are you referring to how to ask for the password in clear text? If so, you could either use a string/password parameter to ask for it:

    <title>User Password</title>

    Or use a <showPasswordQuestion>

    <title>Password Required</title>
    <text>Please provide you MySQL password</text>
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    Matthias Apitz

    No. Please re-read my post again. I want:

    1. ask for the pw as clear text (with the methods you show above)

    2. the bitrock installer encrypts this with our own method (based on BlowFish)

    3. for the rest the encrypted password is used, for example in scripts updating the database or storing the encrypted passord in config und properties files.

    Now clearer?

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    Matthias Apitz

    I think, I have an idea, how to solve this: We have installed a tool, which hashes with BlowFisch a salted clear text password to the required hash (which our software knows to decrypt again), works like this:

        /usr/local/sisis-pap/bin/newpw Matthias-secret

    This could be started (after asking for the credential in clear form), hash the provided password and return somehow the STDOUT output of the tool again into an parameter for the rest of the installation. If this returning isn't possible, the hash could be written to a temp. file and used by the remaining installer routines from there.


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    Hi Mattias,

    Please let us know if the solution works for you, thank you for sharing!

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