Child process exit abnormally when calling external scripts



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    BitRock support

    Hi Jake,

    You can tell the installer how to treat error running external programs using the properties <abortOnError>, <showMessageOnError> or the <onErrorActionList>. You can find more details and examples at this section of our docs:

    Could you check if that works for you?



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    I already set the abortOnError and ShowMessageOnError to '0' like below. Is there an option to "suppress" a certain error code?

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    BitRock support

    Hi Jake,

    `<runProgram>` defines a set of variables after executing:


    You could silence errors as you are currently doing, and then check `${program_exit_code}` and decide what to do. For example, if "2" exit code is acceptable, you could use the below code to throw any other invalid code:


    <throwError text="Execution failed ${program_stderr}">
    <compareValues value1="${program_exit_code}" logic="does_not_equal" value2="0"/>
    <compareValues value1="${program_exit_code}" logic="does_not_equal" value2="2"/>



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