crash on MacOS 10.14 Beta 4



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    Could you run the installer with the `--debugtrace debug.txt` option and send the debug.txt file to For example:

    /Path/to/ --debugtrace debug.txt


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    Elise Nguyen

    Hi Michiel, 

    I believe the command line you gave me is for linux?

    i am on a Mac so I have a .app. How can I run debugtrace on Mac?


    thank you.

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    Elise Nguyen

    Michiel, you can close the case. I resized the logo image to be within the recommended size and the crash went away.

    the installer definitely didn't like that big image because I started testing on other 10.13 machines and it crashed but worked on some 10.14 machines but not on my Beta.


    Thank you.

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