Clarification on the Java 8 License and other Open JDK issues



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    Hi Gerda,

    I've added my comments to your questions below:

    My question is more a clarification than anything else. Since I use the JRE packages for 1.8.0_121 that were provided by BitRock, is it OK to keep distributing my application together with this old JRE?

    Yes, you can keep using it.

    Are any of the commercial products that are mentioned on the BCL license present on this JRE packages ( or in the ones that you provided through the website)?

    Can you specify which commercial products?

    I am however thinking on what is the best way to just fix the issue by using the OpenJDK JRE packages. The problem is that in the Java packages page, there is no option to download the OpenJDK for Java 8 for macOS (neither JDK nor JRE)? Could you add it in the download page? is there any reson why the OpenJDK JRE 8 is only available for Lix and Windows (I need to support orur Mac users)? Also, why are there no options to download the java runtimes for the JRE for Java 11,12 or 13? I see them available only in the JDK versions. This is good but for my application is enough with the JRE which is much smaller to include.

    We will investigate adding OpenJDK for MacOS as well as the java runtimes for JRE for version 11,12 and 13. Some versions were not added as they were not immediately available the moment Oracle changed the license model.

    If I want to include the OpenJDK JRE versions offered by AdoptOpenJDK, what should I do? Do you already have these JREs packaged somewhere and ready to use? Do you have some documentation on what should I do to make these "Installbuilder-ready"??

    Unfortunately we have no documentation regarding adding them manually but it should be a straightforward process. You could try downloading a JDK java component from our website and then replace the bin conf legal lib and man folders with the ones from the JRE from adoptOpenJDK website. 








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    Gerda Strudel

    Thank you for your comments Michiel!

    I do think that in order for newcomers to your tool to be more confident with its use you should provide the JRE packages directly in your page. You must consider that the JREs are one third of the size of the JDK and for some applications downloaded from places with low connectivity this can be very important.

    Also maybe an official clarification on the licensing issues of using OpenJDK and Oracle's versions would be interesting to have specially for people that are evaluating how they are going to distribute an application or even considering if they should use Java at all after the uncertainties with the changes introduced in January 2019.

    Finally, I tried your approach of simply downloading the JREs from AdoptOpenJDK and then copying the same structure that you have in the ones you provide and it worked. In THIS LINK you can find the ZIP files I generated for the JRE versions of AdoptOpenJDK 1.8.0_232 using the OpenJ9 JVM (smaller memory footprint, slightly slower than Hotspot it seems) -only for Linux 64, MacO sand WIndows 64) - in case anyone wants to use them!

    Thanks for the support and for the great tool!


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