Uninstaller shortcut icon removed from startmenu on windows 10



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    Hi Vikash,

    I have not been able to reproduce the issue, could you execute the installer with the option '--debugtrace debug.txt' and send us the file that will be generated to support@bitrock.com?

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    John Keeling

    I am encountering the exact same issue, specifically, uninstall menu entry is not added on Windows 10 start menu. Same installer, when issued on Windows 7, does add the uninstall menu entry.

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    BitRock support

    Hi John,

    Could you run the installer with the `--debugtrace debug.txt` option and send the debug.txt file to support@bitrock.com? For example:

    For Windows:
    `\Path\to\installer.exe --debugtrace debug.txt`

    For OS X:
    `/Path/to/installer.app/Contents/MacOs/installbuilder.sh --debugtrace debug.txt`

    For Linux:
    `/Path/to/installer.run --debugtrace debug.txt`

    We will then check the resulting file for the cause of the issue.


    Michiel D'Hont


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