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    You can use the following as an example on how this can be implemented:

    <preUninstallationActionList> <while> <actionList> <showQuestion> <default>no</default> <text>Application is currently running. The uninstallation will not proceed until it has been closed. Do you want to abort the installation?</text> <title>Application is currently running</title> <variable>exit_uninstall</variable> </showQuestion> <exit> <exitCode>1</exitCode> <ruleList> <isTrue> <value>${exit_uninstall}</value> </isTrue> </ruleList> </exit> </actionList> <conditionRuleList> <processTest> <logic>is_running</logic> <name>app.exe</name> </processTest> </conditionRuleList> </while> </preUninstallationActionList>

    It checks if program is running and if it does, shows a question until it is stopped.

    The app.exe needs to be changed to your application's binary.

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