Can I change the location of the installer log at startup?


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    I have added suggestion to improve this behavior to our bug tracking system. However, it may take some time to finish this functionality.

    Is it possible for you to copy the file in <postUninstallerCreationActionList> (after a successful installation) and <installationAbortedActionList> (which is run when installation is cancelled or aborted because of an error) and copy the file to location that would be more convenient for users to find - such as:

    <project> ... <postUninstallerCreationActionList> <copyFile> <abortOnError>0</abortOnError> <destination>${installer_pathname}.log</destination> <origin>${installer_installation_log}</origin> <showMessageOnError>0</showMessageOnError> </copyFile> </postUninstallerCreationActionList> <installationAbortedActionList> <copyFile> <abortOnError>0</abortOnError> <destination>${installer_pathname}.log</destination> <origin>${installer_installation_log}</origin> <showMessageOnError>0</showMessageOnError> </copyFile> </installationAbortedActionList> </project>

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