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    In order to run InstallBuilder based installer in silent mode, you can specify --mode unattended - such as:

    $ --mode unattended

    You can also make the unattended mode the default by adding the following to your project file:

    <project> <defaultInstallationMode>unattended</defaultInstallationMode> </project>

    This will cause the installer to run in unattended mode by default. You can also change <unattendedModeUI> to minimalWithDialogs to also show the progress bar:

    <project> <defaultInstallationMode>unattended</defaultInstallationMode> <unattendedModeUI>minimalWithDialogs</unattendedModeUI> </project>

    After that, the installer will run in unattended mode by default and can still be switched to full GUI by running it from command line with --mode osx or --mode qt depending on if you are using Qt flavor of InstallBuilder.

    However, the user will still have to double-click on the installer - and due to security issues it is not possible to automate this step (to avoid automatically running a virus or other unsafe file).

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