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    One of the checks is based on whether HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment environment key is writable. Perhaps in your case the key is writable?

    What you can do is create your own variable that is based on more detailed check - for example:

    <if> <actionList> <setInstallerVariable> <name>is_windows_admin</name> <value>1</value> </setInstallerVariable> </actionList> <conditionRuleList> <isTrue> <value>${installer_is_root_install}</value> </isTrue> <userTest> <logic>is_windows_admin_account</logic> <username>${system_username}</username> </userTest> </conditionRuleList> <elseActionList> <setInstallerVariable> <name>is_windows_admin</name> <value>0</value> </setInstallerVariable> </elseActionList> </if>

    This will check both that the installer_is_root_install variable is true and that current user is member of Administrators group.

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    I tried you suggested solution which described in that thread. When UAC is off ("Never Notify"),for all users , non-admin as well for admin , the variable is_windows_admin set to 0. There is no difference between in the behavior of the different users types. Please not that this issues were observed on several PCs. On some other PCs the code which include only the check of installer_is_root_install is working as required.

    1. Do you know if there is any settings which can cause to this issue ?
    2. If yes, Is there any option in the installer to verify these settings ?
    3. Is it possible to schedule a WebEx conf. call with your support ?

    Thanks, Ronen

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