Extracting files during the initialization action list


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    The <unpackFile> and <unpackDirectory> actions can be used to unpack one or more files to a temporary directory for the purpose of running applications and/or scripts before installation.

    For example:

    <unpackDirectory> <destination>${system_temp_directory}</destination> <component>tools</component> <folder>license</folder> <origin>management</origin> </unpackDirectory> <unpackFile> <destination>${system_temp_directory}</destination> <component>tools</component> <folder>license</folder> <origin>management/validator.exe</origin> </unpackFile>

    The <component> and <folder> refer to component and folder name from list of packed files. The <origin> is name of the file/directory to unpack.

    The actions and how <origin> references packed files is documented in more details in Unpacking Before Installation Time section of InstallBuilder user guide.

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