How can I pass a user defined parameter to installer?



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    Dirk Stegemann

    That's easy, just add a <parameter> (or in this case the more specific <booleanParameter>) to your project's <parameterList>.

    By default, parameters create a GUI page to allow users to manipulate them, but you can disable this behavior, thus making the parameter invisible, by setting its ask value to 0:


    The parameter given above can be set by calling your installer with the option

    /path/to/your/installer --MyCoolOption 0


    /path/to/your/installer --MyCoolOption 1

    The command-line option used to set the parameter can differ from the internally used parameter name, by adjusting the parameter's cliOptionName property. You should also set the default property.

    Have a look at the online documentation for more details.

    Best, Dirk

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