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    Dirk Stegemann

    I'd wish for such a feature as well, but I haven't found an officially supported one yet. So we need to implement our own solutions, it seems.

    Mine is to add a folder parameter that is checked during runtime, so when calling the installer with that parameter on the command-line, instead of running the installation process, the installer extracts the payload (using a lot of <unpackDirectory> and <unpackFile> actions) and quits.

    Unfortunately, there's also no way to easily iterate through all components, which could help with the extraction process.

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    Hi, I'm in the same situation as our users want to bypass these and put the extraction into their build scripts so that they can automate. I tried using unzip and other methods but it is not working. Is there a way to bypass all these option, so, that user can easily extract the contents from the installer?

    is this issue resolved. as this being reported almost 4 years back..

    Any suggestions would be of great help.

    Thanks and Regards, Paddy

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    Unfortunately it's not possible to do this. Using <unpackDirectory> is the workaround most used by other users.

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    Thanks a lot for the suggestion. Yes, this workaround is working.

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