Avoid RegistrySet inside of Wow6432Node



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    You can force the key to be written to the 64bit view using the <wowMode> setting:

      <!-- The 64bit version takes precedence so we check it in second place -->

    You can also force all your installer to write to the 64bit view enabling the 64bit mode as explained in this article.

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    Thanks a lot. I now see that the edition panel has the "Wow mode" field, I did not notice since it needs "Advanced mode" which is the default only if Wow mode is filled.

    I'm now going to check if this setting is omitted in WinXP when I have coded:

    <wowmode>64</wowmode> <rulelist> <platformtest type="windows-x64"/> </rulelist>

    or at least that it doesn't cause an error message.

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