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    In the case of Windows, we include two binaries, builder.exe and builder-cli.exe. The first one is compiled as a GUI application and the second one as a command line one. You could use the later.

    On OS X, you should call the builder as:

    When launching it without arguments, the GUI mode will open, and to use it as a command line tool, you have to provide the build verb: build path/to/project.xml platform

    You can get the help menu by executing: --help

    It would be great if you could let us know if InstallBuilder support following features. 1. Executing shell script after installation?

    Yes, you can use the <runprogram> action to call any external script or binary. You can get additional details in the below link:

    1. Upgrade/Downgrade feature?

    It is easy to create upgrade installers either with the installer itself or using our AutoUpdate tool:

    Regarding downgrades, we do not support them as a built-in feature but you could implement them. How complex would be the process of downgrading

    1. Adding and removing screens? For eg. adding a new screen which has some agreement text with YES or NO buttons.

    Yes, you can add custom pages. In this case you could use the <licenseparameter> page. You can find it and many other examples in the below article:

    1. Is it possible to remove Browse option(destination folder selection) so that installer always copies content to one fixed location.

    Yes, you will just need to hide the installdir page (do not fully remove it, as it is required by the installer), and show a read only version using a <labelparameter>:

      <!-- The installation directory won't be selectable by the end user so we
      hide it setting ask=0 -->
         <description>Installation Directory</description>
      <!-- We display the read-only version of the installation directory -->
         <title>Installation Directory</title>
         <explanation>Directory where ${project.fullName} will be installed</explanation>
         <description>Installation Directory: ${installdir}</description>
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    Thanks a lot for the detailed information Mr. Juanjo. I appreciate your support. With your information I am able to run post install script. Thanks. I felt happy working with InstallBuilder, it definately satisfy all my requirement.

    Now I am facing problem with the below things

    • Now I am facing problem with creating desktop icon on Mac. Its not giving any error but desktop icon also not created.

    • Is there any way we can check the language selected by user and take some action(load a file, execute a script etc.).

    • Thanks Amaresh Mayur

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    Could you paste the code you are using to create the shortcut? On OS X, you should be using the code explained in this link:

    Regarding checking the language selected, you can access it checking the built-in variable ${installation_language_code}

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    Thanks for your support Mr.Juanjo, I could create a desktop icon after going through documentation.

    Currently InstallBuilder support 17 languages by default, is there any way I can add and support more languages?

    • Thanks Amaresh Mayur

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