How to catch unpacking error?



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    Is that error happening with the regular installation process or when using an <unpackFile> action? If it is the former, it is not possible to customise the behaviour but you could check if the file is locked before the unpacking starts:

        <showWarning text="File ${installdir}/some/target/file is locked! Please close the application before continuing">
                   <fileIsLocked path="${installdir}/some/target/file"/>

    Would something like the above work for you? Could you provide us with more details about the scenario in which this is happening?

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    I too would like to be able to disable or catch the use of 'Ignore'. There is very little in my installation which is safe to ignore, once selected. If I can't disable or trap 'Ignore', I'll have to write post-installation code to verify the installation. I use a commercial installer to avoid having to do things like this.

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