Automatically accept License Agreement


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    It is not possible since the user has to explicitly accept the license. It is done like that by design, based on the feedback of multiple customers through the years.

    As a workaround you could create your own license page using a <parameterGroup> with <infoParameter> and a <booleanParameter> to mimic the license page:

    <parameterGroup> <name>customLicense</name> <parameterList> <infoParameter> <name>text</name> <value>this is the license text</value> </infoParameter> <booleanParameter> <name>answer</name> <description>Do you accept the agreement?</description> <value>1</value> </booleanParameter> </parameterList> <validationActionList> <throwError> <text>To continue, you must accept the EULA</text> <ruleList> <isFalse> <value>${answer}</value> </isFalse> </ruleList> </throwError> </validationActionList> </parameterGroup>

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