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    The services on Linux can be created using <addUnixService> action, which takes the specified <program>, which should be an init.d-type script, puts it in /etc/init.d directory (or appropriate for current distribution) and runs the appropriate tools to create symlinks in /etc/rcX.d directories.

    The service has to be started and stopped manually - such using the <runProgram> action to invoke the service command to start the service.

    As for uninstallation, the <removeUnixService> action allows removing the action created by <addUnixService>. The service should first be stopped, which can also be done using the <runProgram> action to invoke the service command.

    The uninstallation action should be put in <preUninstallationActionList>.

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    Jeff Melnick

    That's pretty much what I had thought. It just doesn't seem to work for me. I'm getting an "Unknown error running post-install step" warning from everyone of my <addunixservice> actions.

    I'm putting the <addunixservice> actions into a Post-install action list. Is the not the correct place to put these?

    What types of issues might be causing this? Is there a way to get more (debugging) information about what the problem is? I don't really see any additional information in the log file.

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