Output file name in cdrom builds


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    It is not possible to configure the filename, however, it is possible to rename or copy the file to a different name after the build is complete. For example the XML below will rename setup-windows.exe to install-windows.exe, deleting install-windows.exe first if it exists.

    <postBuildActionList> <actionGroup> <actionList> <deleteFile> <path>${project.outputDirectory}/${project.cdromDirectory}/install-windows.exe</path> <ruleList> <fileExists> <path>${project.outputDirectory}/${project.cdromDirectory}/install-windows.exe</path> </fileExists> </ruleList> </deleteFile> <renameFile> <destination>${project.outputDirectory}/${project.cdromDirectory}/install-windows.exe</destination> <origin>${project.outputDirectory}/${project.cdromDirectory}/setup-windows.exe</origin> </renameFile> </actionList> <ruleList> <compareText> <logic>equals</logic> <text>${platform_name}</text> <value>cdrom</value> </compareText> </ruleList> </actionGroup> </postBuildActionList>

    This may not work properly if <outputDirectory> is not set in the project - in which case, the output path has to be specified in the actions. It can, of course, be extended to check for <outputDirectory> and use ${installbuilder_install_root}/output if <outputDirectory> is empty.

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