How to use SSL with auto update?


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    By default, both installers and autoupdate binaries do not include SSL support because of binary sizes (SSL is not always required and it adds up around 500kB to binary).

    SSL support has to explicitly enabled by specifying <enableSslSupport> in the <autoUpdateProject>.

    <autoUpdateProject> ... <enableSslSupport>1</enableSslSupport> <sslCAFile>path/to/</sslCAFile> </autoUpdateProject>

    The optional <sslCAFile> will cause InstallBuilder and/or autoupdate tools to use specified CA file to verify SSL certificate's authenticity - this allows making sure that the SSL connection is only made to site with a valid SSL certificate. The same tags can be specified for InstallBuilder installer project to enable SSL support.

    Creating customized autoupdate binaries is documented in more details in Autoupdate documentation

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