Is it possible to change the installed status in postInstallationActionList?


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    InstallBuilder does not currently allow marking a component as not installed or as requiring reinstallation.

    As a workaround, you can keep the zip file on disk and store the information that the zip archive has to be re-unzipped next time. This, however, will not cause a re-download of the file.

    Could you provide more background on what you are trying to achieve and if there is a reason for using zip file rather than built-in component format? If the download of .pak component fails, the component would not be marked as installed.

    If the issue is potential re-downloads and sizes of components, InstallBuilder currently only allows re-downloading of the files if the installer was not stopped and if the server allows HTTP file resuming. Also, feature to improve the download mechanism to allow re-downloading even if installer was stopped is already in our bug tracking system, so if this would resolve the original issue.

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