OSX Code Signing



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    The error is returned by the codesign error, which InstallBuilder calls under the hood. Updating XCode will probably fix it.

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    Updating XCode did fix the problem. Thanks!

    On a somewhat related note, now that I have code signing working, I'm unable to build my installer on a non-OSX machine. I get this error:

    Could not load project file
    The object type <project> cannot contain tag <osxApplicationBundleIdentifier> at line 657 in file C:\path\to\project.xml

    Now I understand that I can't sign the OSX installer on a non-OSX machine, but if I'm building for Windows or Linux, it probably should just skip over the signing. Note that I only get this error when building from the command line. If I build from the UI, it works fine.

    I use the command line for an auto-build process we have set up, and I guess I could workaround it by building all the installers on OSX, but regardless the command line probably shouldn't fail like this.


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