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    InstallBuilder does not offer a dedicated repair mode. Depending on what actions you define, running the installer (in normal installation mode) again should be enough - it will copy all of the missing files and the post-installation actions will be run, which should restore things such as file associtations or other settings.

    Whether installer will overwrite all files or just the files that are missing depends on <overwritePolicy> setting. It should be set to always to make sure files are always overwritten:

    <project> ... <overwritePolicy>always</overwritePolicy> ... </project>

    This functionality is described in more details in Selecting the files to upgrade section of AutoUpdate chapter of InstallBuilder user guide.

    As for keeping normal and upgrade projects in single XML project - it is possible, however, it may be easier to keep smaller projects for updates and bigger projects for entire installations.

    The <include> tag could be used to include one or more components or folders from separate files. This can be used to create components that are shared between normal and upgrade installers.

    For example:

    <componentList> <component> <name>internal</name> </component> <include file="my_external_component.xml" /> </componentList>

    While my_external_component.xml would contain a single component in a <component> tag.

    It is documented in Adding components from external files section of documentation.

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