rundll32.exe and Installbuilder variables



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    Unfortunately it is not possible - InstallBuilder does not offer access to the variables' internal storage.

    If you need to call a DLL with more complex data, we recommend creating a small .exe file that does the same thing and properly maps arguments to the binary to match the library's entry point arguments. It should then be just a <runProgram> to the rundll-like wrapper you create with the parameters/variables as arguments.

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    Thanks for the quick response.

    I am not sure if I have conveyed across my requirement. Let me put it again little differently.

    The intention of passing the address of IB variable to the DLL function is to use the same IB variable with modified value as an input to a predefined action of IB for example to update a parameter in an INI file. Since the variable's value has to be captured in a screen which couldn't be designed using IB, we have to go for a DLL that provides the screen.

    If my understanding is correct, it is not possible using IB right?

    Thanks Kannan

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