What should the output directory be for a c program?



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    Sorry, I'm not sure I understand the issue. Are you calling a compiled C program that adds two numbers from InstallBuilder? Could you paste here the relevant parts of your XML project?

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    I guess you're using Turbo C for compiling your C programs. To edit the output directory, go to Options -> Directories

    You'll get 4 text fields. 1. Include Libraries 2. Library Libraries 3. Output Libraries 4. Source Libraries

    See if any path is present in the "Include library" field by default. If there is any content, copy the same to the other three fields as well.

    If there isn't any content in any of the fields, type the root directory, usually "C:" or "D:" or the directory in which you've installed Turbo C, followed by the installation folder. Usually, its "tc".

    After copying the content to the other text fields, press OK.

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    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any queries. Have fun. :)

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