How do you pass command-line parameters to a .deb install package?



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    It is not possible to pass parameters when installing as .deb/.rpm file. Also, as the files are pre-packaged in the archive, it is not possible to change installation directory - what is provided as the default value for the project will always be used.

    InstallBuilder does not provide support for user interaction that rpm/dpkg interfaces provide. However, you can set environment variables and access them in the installer - for example:


    This will set InstallBuilder's remote_hostname variable if environment variable REMOTE_HOSTNAME is set. You can then install it using:

    REMOTE_HOSTNAME= dpkg -i package.deb

    However, it is not something that can be relied upon not to change in the future and can mainly be used as a workaround.

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    Bhavesh Patel

    Try this code on Post-installation actons

    <programArguments>-i YorFile.deb</programArguments>

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