Is Installer built for Linux good for all different Linux distributions?


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    The difference is not related to various distributions of Linux, but multiple Linux platforms.

    The Linux target is Linux 32bit application. In most cases, this is what you will want to build. The output installer will work on all computers and all distributions. It will work with both 32bit and 64bit Linux systems on regular computers (i.e. PC-based and Intel Mac).

    THe Linux x86 64 bits target is Linux 64bit application. This is the second most common build target - this will work on 64bit Linux systems on regular computers.

    The main difference between the first and the second is that 64bit Linux systems require having 32bit libraries installed, which are not installed by default on some Linux distributions.

    Linux IA64, Linux PPC and Linux S390 are mainly used on high-end server environments. So, for most cases, the targets are Linux and Linux x86 64 bits.

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