feature request: dynamic progress dialog



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    Unfortunately that feature has not been developed yet.

    Could you provide us with more details about what you are trying to accomplish and how you want to use the feature?

    Are you interested in it mainly for debugging or for other reasons?

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    We have several longer running actions as part of the setup process. We currently use the show progress dialog wrapping some runProgram actions. But instead of just a static bar going back and forth, I'd like to show the user what exactly is happening. For example, it might just be a label or text box as part of the process dialog that displays the progress to the user: ("checking components..." "preparing the registry" "registering plugins" "cleaning up"). Or it could be a scrolling text box. These are processes that we don't try to convert into individual actions in the installer for several reasons:

    • we use them elsewhere as well so there is no point in duplicating the work
    • we need the more sophisticated error handling, logging and logic from the program being run
    • it would be very tedious to break them up into tiny little runProgram actions just to get this functionality

    It would also be nice to have a dialog that actually shows the progress (ie 40%, 50%, 60% etc) but I can't think of any good way of passing the progress back from the runProgram task.


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    Maybe another way to put it: the option to have the progressText dynamically updated by the standardOut of a runProgram action.

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