How can I automate the wizard installation without using screenshots?


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    Do you want to explicitly test the installer GUI or focus on testing the application?

    The easiest way to test the installer is to test are unattended and text modes. In unattended mode, the installer will run without any user interaction. In text mode, you can simply prepare a file with answers to all of the installer's questions. The latter will only work on Unix and MacOSX platforms, though.

    You can run installer in unattended mode by doing:

    C> installer.exe --mode unattended --prefix path/to/installation --other-parameters ...

    and for text mode:

    $ ./ --mode text <installer.input

    If you want to explicitly test the GUI, it is possible to manually set focus if needed and send mouse movement and key press events, however in most cases automating tests of the unattended mode should be enough.

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