Using Bitrock to distribute Ruby on Rails application



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    Hi Jason, we replied separately via email. Basically the easiest way would be to ask users to install first RubyStack and then run your installer, or you can bundle the RubyStack installer with your app and install it in unattended mode.

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    Hi, I wish to package my Rails app for Windows with the Ruby Stack too. Please can you share the instructions, it would be very handy to get stared with the Install Builder.

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    I you bundle the rubystack installer, deploying it in unattended mode would be as easy as including the below code in your <componentList>:

                    <description>RubyStack Windows</description>
                               <runProgram program="${installdir}/tmp/rubystack.exe">
                                  <programArguments>--prefix "${installdir}/rubystack" --mode unattended --base_password ${password}</programArguments>

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