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    In some cases, when building installer for OS X platforms, you may need to add the piece of code below in your xml project in order to correctly preserve the attributes for the file with resource forks.

     <changeOSXAttributes creator="creator_code" files="${installdir}/path/to/your/file" type="application_type" />

    You can get the right attributes values for creator and type using the GetFileInfo tool:

    /Developer/Tools/GetFileInfo /path/to/your/file
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    I'm testing Installbuilder on Win and for the OS X version it builds, the program ( which get installed can't be launched (though it appears to be identical to my source I tried this method but I get an "error changing type attribute" error at the end of the Mac installation.

    The code I used is something like this: <changeosxattributes files="${installdir}/" type="avbstClinmedz"/>

    That string for application_type was obtained with Getfileinfo.

    The is a Flash projector. Maybe the problem is that WIn sees it as a directory?

    It just doesn't launch ....

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    Bob Gardner

    The problem with your mac bundle not launching after being built on Windows is likely a problem with the files permissions. Windows doesn't understand unix style file permissions and seems to gobble them up in processing the installer creation (I'm guessing that because it doesn't understand them it mangles them when it packs or something). I would suggest building your installers for all three platforms on either Linux or Mac (they both understand Windows file permissions).

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