How to assign specific values for InstallBuilder tags on different platforms



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    You should consider using platformOptionList tag. It lets you assign specific values to InstallBuilder common properties for different platforms. platform tag may include the following values (please remember that all and unix values are not allowed).

    Value Platform
    linux Linux
    linux-x64 Linux x86 64 bits
    linux-ia64 Linux IA64
    osx MacOS X
    linux-ppc Linux PPC
    linux-s390 Linux s390
    windows Windows
    solaris-sparc Solaris Sparc
    solaris-intel Solaris Intel
    freebsd FreeBSD 5.x
    freebsd6 FreeBSD 6.x
    freebsd6-x64 FreeBSD 6.x 64 bits
    freebsd4 FreeBSD 4.x
    hpux HP-UX
    aix AIX
    irix-n32 IRIX

    The good example describing the platformOptionsList presented below:
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