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    The default flow of the pages is determined by the position in which they appear in the XML project but this flow can also be controlled through the and tags:

            <title>License Agreement</title>
            <description>Please read the following License Agreement. You must accept the terms of this agreement before continuing with the installation.</description>

    In the example above, even if the <licenseParameter> is placed after the <directoryParameter>, it will be displayed before because we have explicitly declared it with <insertBefore>installdir</insertBefore>

    However, sometimes we need to control this flow dynamically at runtime base in some conditions. You can set the 'next_page' installer variable to the name of the page that you would like to show after pressing the "Next" button on the installer window.

    The name of a page is the name of the parameter associated with that page. For instance:

      <setInstallerVariable name="next_page" value="installdir" />

    Would make the installer show the installdir page after pressing "Next".

    Installers also have some built-in pages, below are their names in order to use 'next_page' to jump to them:

    'welcome' : the welcome page
    'components' : the component selection page
    'readytoinstall' : the ready to install page
    'installation' : main installation page
    'installationFinished' : the final page

    One typical place to set the 'next_page' variable is in the <postShowPageActionList>

    Finally, it is also evaluated or taken into account in the <validationActionList> as the page to go if validation fails.

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