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    There are some differences regarding action lists when installing an RPM / DEB package:

    • As there is no interaction with the user, the following action lists are *not* executed (the same happens in unattended mode):

    Any parameter's validationActionList
    Any parameter's preShowPageActionList
    Any parameter's postShowPageActionList

    • As the files installation step is executed by the RPM / DEB package manager and not by InstallBuilder itself, there is no way to execute any action from the installer until the files have been installed on the system. To be precise, the preInstallationActionList will not be executed, and the initializationActionList, readyToInstallActionList and any folder's actionList will be executed always after the files have been installed on the system.

    • The installationAbortedActionList will only be executed if the error was generated by any of the actions performed directly by the installer. I.e., if the error is generated during the files installation step, which is performed by the RPM / DEB package manager, the BitRock installer application will not be notified and therefore the installationAbortedActionList will not be executed.

    To summarize, the following list resumes all the differences regarding action lists when installing an RPM / DEB package:

    • preBuildActionList : executed as normal
    • postBuildActionList : executed as normal
    • initializationActionList : executed after files installation
    • preInstallationActionList : not executed
    • componentSelectionValidationActionList : not executed
    • parameter validationActionList : not executed
    • parameter preShowPageActionList : not executed
    • parameter postShowPageActionList : not executed
    • readyToInstallActionList : executed after files installation
    • folder actionList : executed after files installation
    • postInstallationActionList : executed as normal
    • finalPageActionList : not executed
    • preUninstallationActionList : executed as normal
    • postUninstallationActionList : executed as normal
    • installationAbortedActionList : executed only if error comes from any of the tasks performed directly by the BitRock installer.

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