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    It is possible to check the time that a particular installer was built at by invoking it with the --version option from the command line:

    ./myprogram-linux-installer.bin --version

    The response would be something similar to:

    My Program 5.0 --- Built on 2007-10-09 06:05:13

    You can add adittional information using the <buildTag> project tag

    This feature is not directly available on Windows. Due to the fact that the installers are compiled as graphical applications, because of an Operating System constrain present only on Windows, they loose the ability to write to the console. In order to be able to see the version information, you will need to redirect the output to a file:

    ./myprogram-windows-installer.exe --version > version-info.txt

    So the version information will be available in the "version-info.txt" file generated from the command above.

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