When I try to build the installer on Windows from the command line it returns to the prompt immediately but no error message is shown



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    This is due to builder.exe being compiled as a GUI application and not a console application, so it returns inmediately and does not output to stdout. Starting with 6.0 there is also a console build called builder-cli.exe that does not have this problem.

    In case you'd like to receive some feedback from the console to know when the building process is finished, you could create a bat file that in turns executes the builder.exe application. That will block until the build is completed.

    Optionally, you can also redirect to a log file the stdout:

    "C:\Program Files\BitRock InstallBuilder for Windows 5.4.2\bin\builder.exe" build "c:\Users\user\Documents\InstallBuilder\projects\demo.xml" > log.txt

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