How can I customize the default text strings shown in the installers?



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    You can customize the default strings shown in the installers by adding a custom language file to your project.

    You will need to overwrite the default values for the internal keys that the installers use.

    In the example below you can see the keys with the default strings used by the installer in the welcome screen. The characters "%1$s" need to be preserved as they get substituted by the project's full name.

    Installer.Welcome.Title=Setup - %1$s
    Installer.Welcome.Text=Welcome to the %1$s Setup Wizard.

    Similarly, you could overwrite the default text in the Ready to Install and Final Page screens:

    Installer.Ready.Title=Ready to Install
    Installer.Ready.Text1=Setup is now ready to begin installing %1$s on your computer.
    Installer.Installation.Finished.Title=Completing the %1$s Setup Wizard
    Installer.Installation.Finished.Text=Setup has finished installing %1$s on your computer.

    You can also download the complete list of tags

    If you want to learn more about custom language files, you can visit the following article:

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