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    The BitRock InstallBuilder executable and the generated installers are 32 bits applications. When a 32 bits application runs on a 64 bits version of Windows, a number of settings are enabled for backward compatibility reasons, as described in:

    It is possible to check whether the installer is being run in a 64 bits of versions by testing to see if the environment variable PROGRAMW6432 exists. For example, you can place the following in the <initializationActionList> section of your project file. It will show a warning if running on win32 or do nothing if running on Windows64:

    <showWarning text="Running on Windows 32">
     <compareText text="${env(PROGRAMW6432)}" value="" logic="equals" />

    You may also want change the default value in the installdir parameter of your 64bit installer to the 64bit one, you can do it with:

    <setInstallerVariable name="installdir" value="${env(PROGRAMW6432)}/My Program Name">
     <compareText text="${env(PROGRAMW6432)}" value="" logic="does_not_equal" />

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