How can I allow only a limited set of languages for installation?



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    You can allow only a limited set of languages to be available at installation time by using the <allowedlanguages> tag in the installer project file. Available languages are Catalan (ca), Gaelic (cy), Spanish (es), French (fr), Dutch (nl), Brazilian-Portuguese (pt_BR), Romanian (ro), Valencian (va), German (de), English (en), Estonian (et), Hungarian (hu), Italian (it), Japanese (jp), Polish (pl), Portuguese-Portugal (pt), Rusiian (ru), Slovenian (sl), Traditional Chinese (zh_TW), Simplified Chinese (zh_CN). For example, if you want to allow the installation of your application in English, German and Spanish, check that the Allow Language Selection is activated and add this line to your installer project:

         <allowedLanguages>en de es</allowedLanguages>
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