How do I specify a different default installation directory for Unix and Windows?




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    Let's say you want to use c:myapp-4.0 for Windows and /usr/local/myapp-4.0 for Unix as the default installation directory. In InstallBuilder, go to "Advanced", locate the 'installdir' parameter under 'Parameters' (or create a new directoryParameter named 'installdir'), edit it and specify /usr/local/${product_shortname}-${product_version} as Installation Directory. Now go to the "XML Editor" tab and insert this code:

          <value>${env(SYSTEMDRIVE)}/${product_shortname}- ${product_version}</value>

    Remember that if you choose /usr/local as the destination for your application you have to require that the installation is performed as the root user. ${product_shortname} and ${product_version} are installer variables. You can find the complete list of the default installer variables available and their meaning in the product documentation included with InstallBuilder.

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    I think this is outdated. I just downloaded the latest version of BitRock InstallBuilder Version: 8.5.0 (2012-08-06) and even though I can go into Customization->Installer I cannot find "Installation Directory". A little bit worse when I open up my project.xml file, I don’t see preInstallationActionList or setInstallerVariable. Am I missing something?

    Is there an easier way to change the default install path?

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    This doesn't work for the defaults when using the generated installer in command line (non-GUI) mode. preInstallationActionList is not run before the help is printed out with the --help argument. Therefore the default value for installdir is output.

    We are looking at having to create separate XML files for Windows and Linux because of this. Any suggestions!?

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    Another approach that can be used is to use a variable for the <default> value for installdir and set it in both <initializationActionList> and in <preShowHelpActionList> - so that it is used for installation and when user runs the installer with --help:

    <project> <!-- ... --> <initializationActionList> <if> <actionList> <setInstallerVariable> <name>default_installdir</name> <value>${platform_install_prefix}/${product_shortname} ${product_version}</value> </setInstallerVariable> </actionList> <conditionRuleList> <platformTest> <type>windows</type> </platformTest> </conditionRuleList> <elseActionList> <setInstallerVariable> <name>default_installdir</name> <value>${platform_install_prefix}/${product_shortname}-${product_version}</value> </setInstallerVariable> </elseActionList> </if> </initializationActionList> <parameterList> <directoryParameter> <name>installdir</name> <description>Installer.Parameter.installdir.description</description> <explanation>Installer.Parameter.installdir.explanation</explanation> <value></value> <default>${default_installdir}</default> <allowEmptyValue>0</allowEmptyValue> <cliOptionName>prefix</cliOptionName> <mustBeWritable>1</mustBeWritable> <mustExist>0</mustExist> <width>40</width> </directoryParameter> </parameterList> <preShowHelpActionList> <if> <actionList> <setInstallerVariable> <name>default_installdir</name> <value>${platform_install_prefix}/${product_shortname} ${product_version}</value> </setInstallerVariable> </actionList> <conditionRuleList> <platformTest> <type>windows</type> </platformTest> </conditionRuleList> <elseActionList> <setInstallerVariable> <name>default_installdir</name> <value>${platform_install_prefix}/${product_shortname}-${product_version}</value> </setInstallerVariable> </elseActionList> </if> </preShowHelpActionList> </project>

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