Disable Next button if Checkbox unchecked - ParameterGroup


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    It's not possible to disable the next button but you can use a <validationActionList> to prevent the user from continuing the installation.

    In the following example the <showquestion> action has a rule checking for the value of the checkbox. If the value is false the user will be asked if he wants to quit.. If the user answers no, we use <setinstallervariable> to set the next_page variable to be the same page to prevent the installer from continuing to the next page. If the user answers yes the installer will quit.

          <description>Deselect this box if you do not agree with the Terms and Conditions</description>
          <text>Do you want to quit?</text>
            <compareValues logic="equals" value1="${choice}" value2="0">
            <compareText logic="equals" value="${quit}" text="yes">
        <setInstallerVariable name="next_page" value="termsAndConditions">
            <compareText logic="equals" value="${quit}" text="no">

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