Upgrade File parameters



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    Hi John123, I'm afraid I may be not understanding you correctly. Could you provide us with more information about what you want to achieve?

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    Suppose installer have file named A.properties that having content by default

    RecordID= 1 UnitName= unit1

    after installation, the user does some operation and the A.properties appended

    RecordID= 1 UnitName= unit1,unit4,unit5

    Now we create a new installer that has some new features and A.properties content by default is

    RecordID= 1,2 UnitName= unit1,unit2

    if the user upgrades with new installer after upgrade the A.properties content should be

    RecordID= 1,2 UnitName= unit1,unit2,unit4,unit5

    Means we want new changes as well as user changes in A.properties after the upgrade.

    I have the set the <overwritepolicy>onlyIfNewer</overwritepolicy> for my XML file.

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    Hi John123, you could use the <propertiesfileset> action to write out property values to a properties file. You can find more information about this action in our User Guide: http://installbuilder.bitrock.com/docs/installbuilder-userguide.html#_write_property_file_value

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