Code signing issue after upgrading to 15




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    Please send your project XML and output debug.txt file from from running

    $ bin/builder build path/to/project.xml osx --debugtrace debug.txt


    Also, if you are using the new signing mechanism with P12 key, please run the following:

    $ openssl pkcs12 -in your-osx-signing.p12 -nokeys

    And send us the header (until the BEGIN CERTIFICATE):

    MAC verified OK
    Bag Attributes
        friendlyName: Developer ID Application: ...
        localKeyID: ....

    Thank you.

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    Bastiaan Olij

    Just adding this information for when anyone else runs into this. Thanks to Bitrock support for setting us on the right path and eventually Apple support for supplying the last few ingredients.

    As we're setup as a development team I've only got admin rights for our team. If the agent assigned to the team (there can be only one, naturally that's the boss:)) hasn't gone through the motions not all certificates are available to us and I simply used the wrong ones.

    The development portal needs to be aware which certificates need to be in use and the agent needs to accept the relevant license agreements before the certificates are made available to the rest of the team.

    XCode is wonderful in guiding you through that process but as we don't develop our application in XCode we never went through this process. Within XCode, setting up the code signing properly will start requesting the required certificates. If you do this using the agents account it will request all the necessary things for you.

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