Run script in installer


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    I am assuming you want to run this at build time, if you are referencing the bat file being relative to the XML file.

    In that case what you should do is specify ${build_project_directory} as <workingDirectory>:

    <runProgram> <program>./ChangeService.bat</program> <programArguments></programArguments> <workingDirectory>${build_project_directory}</workingDirectory> </runProgram>

    This will run the file with current directory being set to same location as where the XML project is located.

    However, if you mean running the script at installation time, you should specify <workingDirectory> as the directory where the .bat script is installed - such as:

    <runProgram> <program>./ChangeService.bat</program> <programArguments></programArguments> <workingDirectory>${installdir}</workingDirectory> </runProgram>

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