Problem signing executable on a linux machine



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    Unfortunately we do not have experience in the signcode tool from Mono.

    As for file structure, InstallBuilder appends its payload after the binary part, which is a common practice, but may cause what causes the issue with the signcode tool.

    Please contact us at and provide exact InstallBuilder version, command line to sign used to sign and output of:

    tail --bytes=131072 Installer.exe | hd

    Before the signing process.

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    Elvar Þór Ólafsson


    I tried running the tail command but I get an error on the hd part. Can you tell me what this hd tool is?

    With regards, Elvar

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    You can replace "hd" with "hexdump". In any case, have you tried using "osslsigncode" to do the signing? Thats should work on Linux.

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    Elvar Þór Ólafsson

    Yeah I also tried this with osslsigncode:

    osslsigncode -spc authenticode.spc -key certificate.key -t -in Installer.exe -out InstallerSigned.exe

    Corrupt PE file - current signature not at end of file: Installer.exe


    osslsigncode seems to check whether some certificate structure is in place on the file before trying to sign it.

    With regards, Elvar

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