zip filed not compressed



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    InstallBuilder contains logic for optimizing large number of small files, which is why not using zip compression makes the installer smaller.

    InstallBuilder compresses the ZIP file regularly, but unfortunately when compressing the zip file, these optimizations are not done - which may account for the difference.

    Unfortunately it may not be possible to create an installer under 2GB that would ship the zip files.

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    They involve grouping by file name, looking for same large chunks of files and other processing we apply when adding files to installer.

    Unfortunately it is not possible to do the same when packing to zip file. Only thing that may apply is to try changing order of files when adding them to zip file - i.e. grouping by extension or file type - pack all text files, then pack all images, then pack all *.class files. You can do this by running zip -@ and passing ordered list of files via stdin. However, the result will probably not be the same.

    Could you provide more details on your use case? Why do the files have to be zipped? Is it a Java application and those are jar/war/ear files?

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