Will a link in an html license file work?


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    Unfortunately it is not possible to provide a link in the license. The main purpose of HTML is to allow styling the document - such as converting a printable license to HTML so that the original formatting is preserved.

    What you can do is show a question after showing the license parameter that allows the user to go to the privacy policy - for example:

    <licenseParameter> <name>license</name> <title>License Agreement</title> <description>Please read the following License Agreement. You must accept the terms of this agreement before continuing with the installation.</description> <file>path/to/license</file> <htmlFile></htmlFile> <postShowPageActionList> <showQuestion> <default>no</default> <text>Do you want to see the privacy policy online?</text> <variable>show_privacy_policy</variable> </showQuestion> <launchBrowser> <url>http://example.com/privacy</url> <ruleList> <isTrue> <value>${show_privacy_policy}</value> </isTrue> </ruleList> </launchBrowser> </postShowPageActionList> </licenseParameter>

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