how can I using wild cards pre build.



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    Could you describe your question in more details? Do you want to delete files in installation directory before actual installation takes place?

    If so, you can simply delete the files in <readyToInstallActionList> - for example:

    <readyToInstallActionList> <deleteFile> <abortOnError>0</abortOnError> <showMessageOnError>0</showMessageOnError> <path>${installdir}/experts/FilestoKill*.MQ4</path> <ruleList> <fileExists> <path>${installdir}/experts/experts</path> </fileExists> </ruleList> </deleteFile> </readyToInstallActionList>

    The <deleteFile> action accepts wildcards, however, the <fileexists> rule does not. So it is better to check if the directory exists and request deletion of all files matching pattern if it exists.

    The <abortOnError> and <showMessageOnError> will prevent any error from showing up or breaking the currently run action list in case no files matching pattern are found.

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    Jeff Crystal

    All of the Files I need to Kill have a unique Name. Example the word red may be in file name. Before I used bit Rock I gave the files version numbers. I would like to Kill all the old files with that version number. They are not in the bit rock build and are just old files. What you laid out will work. Thanks....

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