The 32-bit Linux installer fails silently on a pure 64-bit Linux machine


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    The 32bit installer is a dynamically linked binary and before any of the code inside the installer is run, the linker tries to find 32bit libraries. It fails to find them, so none of the installer code is run. The operating system does not report the error and it is not possible for us to report the error either - since no binary code is run at all.

    Unfortunately Linux does not support multiple architecture support in its binaries, so it is not possible to create universal version of the installer or even include code to show a warning.

    Lack of 32bit compat libraries being the default for many 64bit distributions is the main reason the linux-x64 binaries are created. On most other platforms 64bit distributions include 32bit libraries (Windows, OS X, Solaris and most other Unix systems) and this problem does not exist.

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