Installer shows html tags if installing in text mode on Linux



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    Pages and actions that support HTML in Qt mode have separate tags that allow specifying HTML and text, just for this case.

    Could you share a sample XML where you exhibit this issue? Are you specifying the HTML in plain text?

    Also, you can simply set some variables to HTML tags or empty strings based on mode if you need to pass HTML in places where it is only applicable in certain modes. For example:

    <setInstallerVariable> <name>html:/b</name> <value>&lt;/b&gt;</value> </setInstallerVariable> <if> <actionList> <setInstallerVariable> <name>html:b</name> <value>&lt;b&gt;</value> </setInstallerVariable> <setInstallerVariable> <name>html:/b</name> <value>&lt;/b&gt;</value> </setInstallerVariable> </actionList> <conditionRuleList> <compareText> <logic>equals</logic> <text>${installer_ui_detail}</text> <value>qt</value> </compareText> </conditionRuleList> <elseActionList> <setInstallerVariable> <name>html:b</name> <value></value> </setInstallerVariable> <setInstallerVariable> <name>html:/b</name> <value></value> </setInstallerVariable> </elseActionList> </if> <showText> <htmlText>Text in ${html:b}BOLD${html:/b}</htmlText> <text>Text in ${html:b}BOLD${html:/b}</text> <title>HTML test</title> </showText>

    As variables can also be used in custom language files, this may be used to also unify HTML and plain text messages so the translations are easier to make.

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    I'm using the labelParameter to create a summary page. Looks like the htmlText tag is only good for showText dialog

              <title>Ready to Install</title>
    Installation directory: ${installdir}&lt;br/&gt;
    Required disk space:  ${required_diskspace_mb} MB&lt;br/&gt;
    Available disk space: ${free_diskspace} MB

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