to check for an app depending on Macos OS version


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    The XQuartz installation can be done as a separate component - probably with its destination folder set to target location of XQuartz. For example:

    <component> <name>xquartz</name> <description>XQuartz</description> <canBeEdited>0</canBeEdited> <selected>0</selected> <show>0</show> <folderList> <folder> <description>XQuartz</description> <destination>${platform_install_prefix}/</destination> <name>xquartz</name> <platforms>osx</platforms> <!-- distribution files for --> </folder> </folderList> </component>

    The component is disabled by default and can be enabled using an action in case of Mac OS X 10.8 and up and when XQuartz is not installed:

    <if> <actionList> <componentSelection> <deselect></deselect> <select>xquartz</select> </componentSelection> </actionList> <conditionRuleList> <compareVersions> <logic>greater_or_equal</logic> <version1>${osx_major_version}</version1> <version2>10.8</version2> </compareVersions> <fileTest> <condition>not_exists</condition> <path>${platform_install_prefix}/</path> </fileTest> </conditionRuleList> </if>

    The path to XQuartz destination directory may require slight modifications, but the example is complete and should work after adding files to the <folder> for XQuartz.

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